I Got My Masters in Sales by Being Mentored by Brian

I was fortunate enough to work for Brian for eight and a half years. During those eight plus years, Brian took me from a salesperson to a sales professional. Brian was able take my raw talent and develop me into a consultative sales professional who could read and react in any sales situation.

During the time I worked with Brian, he challenged me, showed me how to sell and how to win in almost any circumstance. Brian helped me grow my sales territory (Chicago) from nothing to a $1,000,000+ book of business.

Recently, I was offered an unbelievable opportunity and switch positions/ industries. I know a big part of why I received this unbelieve offer was because of Brian and how he turned me into the sales professional that I am today. When people ask, I always tell them, I got a Masters from the Brian Nixon School of Sales.

Dan Cristo
Sales Professional

Integral to Reaching Sales Goals

It is an honor for me to write a recommendation for my boss, my leader, my mentor, and my friend.   For the past 17 years, Brian has been an integral person driving Belmont Equipment & Technologies to reach sales goals thought to be unattainable.  With his knowledge, guidance, and leadership he has contributed professionally and personally to the entire organization.  He has been a great motivator for me, my team, and our organization’s management team.    Outside of the impressive sales increase, there is an abundance of projects and initiatives that Brian has successfully led I would like to highlight some of them that ultimately changed my life both professionally and personally.

Before Brian joined our team, our sales training consisted of a couple of field rides, showing staff how to find accounts in the yellow pages and sending salespeople into the field to sink or swim.   Brian created our personalized sales program including a manual, training, and field rides to execute training.   Over the years, he has used this program to develop new talent along with continuously developing long-term reps.   He has continued to expand our training with new tools:   Executive Summaries, Finding & Recommendations, and an arsenal of Case Studies to help share ways to increase profitability and throughput.  Brian has executed complex strategies to utilize our strengths to diversify our company from an Automotive centric company to a highly regarded partner for major corporations in Aerospace, Energy, Medical, and Consumer Products.    This has helped us to be resilient through downturns in each market.    Brian’s most recent challenge and success were quickly rolling out a plan and training in a virtual selling environment due to Covid restrictions.

Over the years, Brian has not only mentored the sales team, but also our Department Managers throughout the corporation developing personal goals, department goals, leadership skills, and execution.    He has helped to drive change and continues to support and lead operations projects.  Brian has continued to bring our departments together with many professional development initiatives.   Emotional Intelligence training and Book Club are my personal favorites.

I have been with Belmont for 26 years.   It is hard to imagine the path my life would have taken without him.   He has mentored me to achieve amazing professional goals without losing sight of the most important part of my life as a wife and mother.   His guidance, leadership, and friendship are PRICELESS!!

Alicia Smith
Territory Sales Manager
Belmont Equipment & Technologies

Summit Delivers

I have been in marketing for over 30 years, working with many people involved in sales and Brian Nixon is the real deal. As a sales coach, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his clients. But more importantly, he truly cares about his clients’ success and works diligently to help them meet their goals. We have worked with the same clients for years, and I can attest that Brian delivers his services with integrity, professionalism, and personal attention to their needs.

Marketing Manger

Hiring Summit Was The Best Investment We Ever Made

When I was hired on as a Sales Engineer, I had come from an operations background. I had never done anything with Sales. To say I was struggling would be an understatement. We made the decision to hire Brian to work with me and the entire Sales Team. I truly believe it was the best investment we ever made. Brian came in and started with the basics. Brian taught me to do my research before calling on a customer. Who knew that researching a company’s website and looking at their employees LinkedIn would help with making Sales calls? Brian taught me to listen to the customer and to ask specific questions that required more than a yes or no response, make the customer tell me what is causing issues or problems in the plant. He taught me to find out who the decision makers were and to include them. Brian made us a Sales Bible with all of the tools he had taught us, and I still reference the bible on a regular basis just to keep myself sharp. Thanks to Brian, I have developed my territory and a customer base that I consider family. Even though Brian is no longer consulting with us, I still call Brian on a regular basis just to let him know how I am doing and my successes. I also tell Brian thank you every time. I can honestly tell you I would not be the successful Sales Engineer that I am without Brian’s help and guidance.

Summit Helped Increase Close Ratio

Brian has been instrumental in the growth of my sales pipeline and increasing my close ratio. His methods and approach have made me one of the top sales executives in my organization. I highly recommend Brian and his team to any organization that wants to increase their sales figures. Increasing my close ratio by 25% by focusing on the right prospects, following a well thought out and documented sales process and coaching me on overcoming objections.

Sales Engineer