Our Story

Welcome to Summit Learning Solutions. With over 20 years of successful organizational consulting and training experience, we have discovered many ways to equip businesses for success. During that time, we helped over one hundred clients build better sales forces and only missed our target once. Although we used that failure as a learning experience and motivation to ensure it will never happen again, we have been truly honored to have built meaningful and long-lasting relationships with each of our clients. That, after all, is one of the core elements of our company, and we want to share that with you as well.

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Originally, our target market included companies in the $25-100 million revenue range. As our success became known throughout the communities we served, we adapted the same effective methodologies to coach smaller businesses. To best serve our clients, we created a second company to provide e-learning courses that allowed them to train, learn, and grow without us present. Our variety of training methods gave us the ability to develop a unique growth plan for any business, thereby creating an even closer relationship with those we served. As our customers realized the benefits of this new training, they asked us to offer additional advanced coaching. We couldn’t say no. Building others up was our passion from the beginning, and remains our passion to this day.

As we grew, it became apparent that our original name and branding barely scratched the surface of all that we had begun to provide our clients. The time was right to fuse our proven consulting and training methods with innovative coaching and organizational development services under one banner. That was the birth of Summit Learning Solutions. Summit is not just a company to us—it’s an extension of our philosophies, our methods, and our team. Our values are apparent in every service and product, and in every Guide who will connect with you.


What we love about Summit is that it provides a solution for businesses in any stage of growth. With our courses, our consulting, and our learning community, you will have all the tools you need to reach your Summit. Our core philosophy is that there is no summit that cannot be reached if you combine proven methodologies and effective technology with the best and brightest people. If this is a philosophy you’d like to share with us, or learn more about, click below to be connected with one of our Guides today.

We’re looking forward to helping you reach your Summit.