Leadership vs. Management

The debate on the differences between leadership and management has been raging for decades. A simple definition is this: You manage tasks and lead people.

Developing a Sales Strategy

  • Leaders create, communicate, align, and provide direction relative to the strategy.
  • Managers measure, monitor, and inspect the staff implementation of the strategy.

Strategic Sales Staffing

  • Leaders determine and define the talents needed of the staff, as well as the processes needed to secure the staff (e., direct or indirect sourcing).
  • Managers interview and select the staff that will implement the strategy and details their roles and responsibilities.

Strategic Sales Training

  • Leaders ensure the alignment of the strategy with the people throughout the training, while setting the stage and overall plan for reinforcement.
  • Managers establish metrics, inspect, and apply the training while also creating a culture of accountability to the program.

Reinforcement Strategies

  • Leaders ensure that the proper culture exists, that tools are in place, and that accountabilities for the ongoing reinforcement and execution of the plan are clearly articulated to management and staff.
  • Managers ensure that the appropriate number of meetings (both group and one-on-one), field inspections, and regularly scheduled reviews take place to guarantee alignment of the staff objectives to the strategy.

So, leaders lead people and managers manage and inspect people’s tasks and programs.